Choice: Stories you play – Detailed Walkthrough

Choices: Stories you play – an interesting and multi-plot quest game, in which you have to conduct a variety of dialogues on different topics and thereby coordinating the plot of the game, thus building your story. Enter the dialogues with the various characters that you will meet on your way, and the correct replicas will help to move in the chosen direction. There are a lot of characters in the game that will make you fall in love, go to feats, tell stories and many other possibilities.


The plot and essence of the game:
As such, the plot of the game is multifaceted and directly will be the envy of your actions. However, the essence of the game is that every player can decide his destiny and the outcome of the game by his actions. At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to fully customize the appearance of your character and choose a gender. From the beginning of the game, all your answers will be key, so when choosing the answers, try to bring the character to a happy end
Management in the game is quite simple and is carried out by selecting the necessary line of dialogue, thereby completely changing the story line by each action. You have to carefully read the dialogues, choose the desired replicas, which in the future will affect the attitude of other characters on the opinion of you. You can choose a positive or negative character, activities, and hobbies that will help to expand the circle of your hero’s acquaintance and in general his possibilities

Visual dynamics in the game can not be observed since the game is more executed in text mode. But, despite this, the plot in the game is more than dynamic and multifaceted, which allows players to completely influence the gameplay and the fate of the main character

Graphics and sound:
The game is beautiful and bright graphics. All game elements are beautifully drawn and detailed. Beautiful landscapes on the background create a pleasant atmosphere. Also, the game has a pleasant musical accompaniment, which perfectly complements the game atmosphere

• Easy and convenient operation
• Quality graphics and sound
• Interesting story
• User-friendly interface

• Colorful graphics
• Various stories
• Exciting assignments
• Different endings
• Convenient operation

Choices: Stories you play – a game for your Android device, in which you write your story and story. Choose suitable replicas in dialogues, thus developing relationships with a lot of people. There are different features which will help you to improve and add more power in your characters, you can do this by choices stories you play hack. Build plans and direct your character along the path that you like most. You will find a lot of the most unusual endings, show your imagination